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Mechanical Engineering

The long list

Astronautics Stuctures Manual, Volume I, Volume II and Volume III - NASA's complete hand-design document for building rocketships.


UC Davis has some excelelnt information in their Material Science Department including the Composite Materials Handbook, MIL-17

  • V.1 (rev. F), Polymer Matrix Composites: Guidelines for Characterization of Structural Materials
  • V.2 (rev. F), Polymer Matrix Composites: Materials Properties
  • V.3 (rev. F), Polymer Matrix Composites: Materials Usage, Design, and Analysis
  • V.4 (rev. A), Metal Matrix Composites
  • V.5, Ceramic Matrix Composites

MatWeb: the Online Materials Information Resource

NIST Materials Data Program

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Mechanics of Materials with Tutorial CD
by Ferdinand Pierre Beer, Elwood Russell Johnston
McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math; 3rd edition July 9, 2001
ISBN: 0072486732

Introduction to Materials Science for Engineers (5th Edition)
by James F. Shackelford
Prentice Hall; 5th edition December 30, 1999
ISBN: 0130112879

Strength of Materials
by J. P. Den Hartog
Dover Pubns; August 1986
ISBN: 0486607550


Composite Construction for Homebuilt Aircraft: The Basic Handbook of Composite Aircraft Aerodynamics, Construction, Maintenance and Repair Plus, How-To and Design Information
by Jack Lambie, Bob Griffiths, Mike Markowski
Markowski Intl; 2nd Revision edition January 1996
ISBN: 0938716263

Jack Lambie's Composite Construction For Homebuilt Aircraft was the first book on composite construction I ever purchased and I treasure the day I found it. It is a straight forward non-technical guide on how to actually get your hands dirty and use the stuff. If you would like to try composite fabrication and have nobody to teach you, this is the book I recommend.

Understanding Aircraft Composite Construction: Basics of Materials and Techniques for the Non-Engineer
by Zeke Smith
Pathway Book Service; first edition, October 1996 ISBN: 096428281X

Introduction to Composite Materials Design
by Ever J. Barbero
Taylor & Francis; November 1, 1998
ISBN: 1560327014

Practical Guide to Carbon Fibers and Their Composites
by P. Morgan
Marcel Dekker; December 2003
ISBN: 0824709837

Fiberglass & Composite Materials: An Enthusiast's Guide to High Performance Non-Metallic Materials for Automotive Racing and Marine Use
by Forbes Aird
H.P. Books; April 1996
ISBN: 1557882398