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Miscellaneous Electronics, Video, Audio and Radio Stuff

Long list of electricity and electronics books

Basic Electricity and Electronics

Many excellent electronics tutorials are on the 'net. This is a great place to start reading

You can branch out into a more in-depth study from here The site has lots of circuits and notated links.

The more advanced users will appreciate the Chip Directory The ChipDir provides pinouts, cross-reference, suppliers and more. A really great resource!

EG3.com is a portal for embedded systems, dsp, real-time/rtos, board-level computing, soc etc...

The EE Compendium provides useful microcontroller and project info.

If you like circuits, the EE Circuit Archive is an excellent resource, with close to a hundred useful circuits. IR detectors, computer links, radio links, and many more, it's got some great stuff!

No overview of electronics would be complete without mentioning the PIC chip. The absolute best online PIC resource has got to be the PICLIST

The LED Museum is the primary resource for all things LED.

The US Navy offers a superb training course which is available online from several sources. Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series

There are a lot of links to tutorials and on line referecnes here at the WebEE site.

Here is a very useful file of schematics for op amps from National Semiconductor.

Your support will help to keep aRocket up and running; we do appreciate it.

Basic Electricity
by Bureau of Naval Personnel
Dover Pubns; 2nd edition June 1970
ISBN: 0486209733

Basic Electronics
by U.S. Bureau of Naval Personnel
Dover Pubns; June 1973
ISBN: 0486210766

The Forrest Mims Circuit Scrapbook
by Forrest Mims
LLH Publications; Volume I edition September 2000
ISBN: 1878707485

Forrest Mims Engineer's Notebook
by Forrest Mims
Newnes; August 1, 1992
ISBN: 1878707035

Now You're Talking
Larry D. Wolfgang (Editor)
American Radio Relay League; 5th edition (May 2003)

Beginner's Guide to Reading Schematics
by Robert J. Traister, Anna L. Lisk, Anna I. Lisk
McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics; 2nd edition May 1991
ISBN: 0830676325

Basic Electricity: Complete Course, Volumes 1-5 in 1
by Nooger Van Valkenburgh
Delmar Learning; Revised edition February 1, 1995
ISBN: 0790610418

Basic Solid State Electronics
by Nooger Van Valkenburgh
Delmar Learning; 1st edition July 1, 1995
ISBN: 0790610426

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