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Ad Astra Per Aspera : "To the stars by our own hands!"

Welcome to the Amateur and Experimental Rocketry Network, your premier source for information abour amateur, experimental and high power rocketry on the internet. Here you will find software tools, active discussion forums, suppliers lists, technical references and links to others working in this exciting field. If you want to get to space, and don't mind doing much of the work yourself, this is a good place to start.

Here at aRocket, Ad Astra is not just a dusty old Latin phrase. It's becoming reality. It's the way we do business. We believe in one thing: for cheap access to space: build more rockets

The old version of the aRocket site is still available.

Our vision at aRocket

  1. We need cheap space access.
  2. Parallel development and competition are the means to lower the cost of anything.
  3. Amateurs, by their very nature, develop the lowest cost technologies.

ARocket list members are helping to achieve this by developing an open source rocket.

The Reference Desk

We are collecting some of the best of the Net for you. Because of server space and bandwidth limitations we cannot offer these for direct download from this site. We will make some of it available on CD. Details to follow.

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