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Miscellaneous Electronics, Video, Audio and Radio Stuff

Basic Electricity and Electronics

Many excellent electronics tutorials are on the 'net. This is a great place to start reading

You can branch out into a more in-depth study from here The site has lots of circuits and notated links.

The more advanced users will appreciate the Chip Directory The ChipDir provides pinouts, cross-reference, suppliers and more. A really great resource!

EG3.com is a portal for embedded systems, dsp, real-time/rtos, board-level computing, soc etc...

The EE Compendium provides useful microcontroller and project info.

If you like circuits, the EE Circuit Archive is an excellent resource, with close to a hundred useful circuits. IR detectors, computer links, radio links, and many more, it's got some great stuff!

No overview of electronics would be complete without mentioning the PIC chip. The absolute best online PIC resource has got to be the PICLIST

The LED Museum is the primary resource for all things LED.

The US Navy offers a superb training course which is available online from several sources. Navy Electricity and Electronics Training Series

There are a lot of links to tutorials and on line referecnes here at the WebEE site.

Here is a very useful file of schematics for op amps from National Semiconductor.

This site in Australia, Commlinks.com, provides access to more schematics than anyone could use in a lifetime!. It is an amazing reference.

Discover Circuits is a reference for engineers, inventors, hobbyists and anyone interested in circuits. They have over 7000 circuit diagrams cross referenced into 500 categories.

Your support will help keep aRocket running.

Basic Electricity
by Bureau of Naval Personnel
Dover Pubns; 2nd edition June 1970
ISBN: 0486209733

Basic Electronics
by U.S. Bureau of Naval Personnel
Dover Pubns; June 1973
ISBN: 0486210766

The Forrest Mims Circuit Scrapbook
by Forrest Mims
LLH Publications; Volume I edition September 2000
ISBN: 1878707485

Forrest Mims Engineer's Notebook
by Forrest Mims
Newnes; August 1, 1992
ISBN: 1878707035

Beginner's Guide to Reading Schematics
by Robert J. Traister, Anna L. Lisk, Anna I. Lisk
McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics; 2nd edition May 1991
ISBN: 0830676325

Basic Electricity: Complete Course, Volumes 1-5 in 1
by Nooger Van Valkenburgh
Delmar Learning; Revised edition February 1, 1995
ISBN: 0790610418

Basic Solid State Electronics
by Nooger Van Valkenburgh
Delmar Learning; 1st edition July 1, 1995
ISBN: 0790610426

Practical Electronics for Inventors
by Paul Scherz
McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics; Illustrated edition April 15, 2000
ISBN: 0070580782

General Information

Schaum's Outline of Electric Machines & Electromechanics
by Syed A. Nasar (Preface)
McGraw-Hill Trade; 2nd edition July 1, 1997
ISBN: 0070459940

Schaum's Outline of Electric Circuits
by Mahmood Nahvi, Joseph A. Edminister
McGraw-Hill Trade; 4th edition December 20, 2002
ISBN: 0071393072

Schaum's Outline of Electronic Devices and Circuits, Second Edition
by Jimmie J. Cathey
McGraw-Hill Trade; 2nd edition June 5, 2002
ISBN: 0071362703

Instrumentation for Engineering Measurements
by James W. Dally, William F. Riley
John Wiley & Sons; 2nd edition December 1992
ISBN: 0471045489

Schaum's Outline of Basic Circuit Analysis
by John O'Malley
McGraw-Hill Trade; 2nd edition January 1, 1992
ISBN: 0070478244

3,000 Solved Problems in Electrical Circuits
by Syed A. Nasar
McGraw-Hill Trade; Reissue edition January 1, 1988
ISBN: 0070459363

The Electric Circuits Problem Solver: A Complete Solution Guide to Any Textbook (Rea's Problem Solvers)
by James Ogden
Research & Education Assn; Revised edition 1998
ISBN: 0878915176

Circuit Design With Electronics Workbench
by Mike Tooley
Butterworth-Heinemann; January 2004
ISBN: 0750631368

Essentials of Circuit Analysis
by Robert L. Boylestad
Prentice Hall; Book and CD-ROM edition September 12, 2003
ISBN: 0130616559

Microelectronic Circuit Design with CD-ROM
by Dr. Richard Jaeger, Travis Blalock
McGraw-Hill Science/Engineering/Math; 2nd edition July 21, 2003
ISBN: 0072505036

Microelectronic Circuits
by Adel S. Sedra, Kenneth Carless Smith
Oxford University Press; 5th edition (December 2003
ISBN: 0195142519

Phase-Locked Loops: Design, Simulation, and Applications (Professional Engineering)
by Roland E. Best
McGraw-Hill Professional; 5th edition June 18, 2003
ISBN: 0071412018


Programming & Customizing PICmicro Microcontrollers
by Myke Predko
McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics; 2nd edition December 4, 2000
ISBN: 0071361723

PICmicro Microcontroller Pocket Reference
by Michael Predko
McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics; Pocket edition November 17, 2000
ISBN: 0071361758

Pic: Your Personal Introductory Course
by John Morton
Newnes; 2nd edition (May 2001
ISBN: 0750650389

Programming Robot Controllers
by Michael Predko
McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics; Book and CD-ROM edition August 16, 2002
ISBN: 0071408517

Programming PIC Microcontrollers with PICBASIC
by Chuck Hellebuyck
Butterworth-Heinemann; Book and CD-ROM edition December 30, 2002
ISBN: 1589950011

Programming and Customizing the Basic Stamp
by Scott Edwards
McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics; 2nd edition March 21, 2001
ISBN: 0071371923

The Microcontroller Application Cookbook
by Matt Gilliland, Ken Gracey
Woodglen Press; October 9, 2000
ISBN: 0615115527

The Microcontroller Application Cookbook, Vol. 2
by Matt Gilliland
Woodglen Press; July 2002
ISBN: 0972015906

Data Acquisition

Practical Data Acquisition for Instrumentation and Control Systems
by John Park, Steve Mackay
Newnes; June 2003
ISBN: 0750657960

Health Monitoring of Aerospace Structures: Smart Sensor Technologies and Signal Processing
by Wieslaw Staszewski, Geoffrey Tomlinson, Christian Boller
John Wiley & Sons; January 2004
ISBN: 0470843403

Newnes Interfacing Companion: Computers, Transducers, Instrumentation and Signal Processing
by Anthony C. Fischer-Cripps
Newnes; December 2002
ISBN: 0750657200

Microcontroller Based Temperature Monitoring & Control
by Dogan Ibrahim
Butterworth-Heinemann; 1st edition August 15, 2002
ISBN: 0750655569

Introduction to Avionics Systems, Second Edition
by R. P. G. Collinson
Kluwer Academic Publishers; 2nd edition December 2002
ISBN: 1402072783

Data Acquisition Techniques Using PCs
by Howard Austerlitz
Academic Press; 2nd edition August 2002
ISBN: 0120683776

Telemetry Systems Engineering
by Dr. Frank Carden, Dr. Robert Henry, Dr. Russ Jedlicka
Artech House; (February 2002
ISBN: 1580532578

Bandwidth-Efficient Digital Modulation with Application to Deep-Space Communications
by Marvin K. Simon
Wiley-Interscience; January 2003
ISBN: 0471445363

Radar Systems, Peak Detection and Tracking
by Michael O. Kolawole
Newnes; April 2003
ISBN: 0750657731

Power Supply

Transistor Circuits for Spacecraft Power System
by Keng Chih Wu
Kluwer Academic Publishers; January 2003
ISBN: 1402072619

Spacecraft Power Technologies
by R. L. Wiley, G. Halpert, D. J. Flood, S. Sabripour, Anthony K. Hyder
Imperial College Press; April 2000
ISBN: 1860941176

Switching Power Supply Design
by Abraham I. Pressman
McGraw-Hill Professional; 2nd edition November 1, 1997
ISBN: 0070522367

Power Supply Cookbook (EDN Series for Design Engineers)
by Marty Brown
Newnes; 2nd edition May 2001
ISBN: 075067329X

Switch-Mode Power Supply SPICE Cookbook
by Christophe P. Basso, Daniel M. Mitchell
McGraw-Hill Professional; Book and CD-ROM edition March 19, 2001
ISBN: 0071375090

Switchmode Power Supply Handbook
by Keith Billings
McGraw-Hill Professional; 2nd edition February 28, 1999
ISBN: 0070067198

Practical Switching Power Supply Design (Motorola Series in Solid State Electronics)
by Marty Brown
Academic Press; April 1990
ISBN: 0121370305

Practical Design Power Supplies
by Ron Lenk, IEEE Power Electronics Society
McGraw-Hill Professional; July 31, 1998
ISBN: 0071343245

Fundamentals of Power Electronics
by Robert W. Erickson
Kluwer Academic Publishers; 2nd edition February 2001
ISBN: 0792372700

Power Electronics: Converters, Applications, and Design
by Ned Mohan, Tore M. Undeland, William P. Robbins
John Wiley & Sons; 3rd edition October 2002
ISBN: 0471226939

Modern Power Electronics and AC Drives
by Bimal K. Bose
Prentice Hall; 1st edition October 12, 2001
ISBN: 0130167436

Amateur Radio

Now You're Talking
Larry D. Wolfgang (Editor)
American Radio Relay League; 5th edition (May 2003)

The ARRL General Class License Manual
Larry D. Wolfgang (Editor)
American Radio Relay League; 4th edition (June 2000)

The ARRL Extra Class License Manual
Larry D. Wolfgang (Editor)
American Radio Relay League; 8th edition (June 2002)

ARRL Antenna Book
R. Dean Straw (Editor)
American Radio Relay League; (October 2003)

Antenna Theory & Design
by Robert S. Elliott
Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Pr; Revised edition January 2003
ISBN: 0471449962

Microwave Radio Links: From Theory to Design
by Carlos Salema
Wiley-Interscience; January 2003
ISBN: 0471420263


Bandwidth-Efficient Digital Modulation with Application to Deep-Space Communications
by Marvin K. Simon
Wiley-Interscience; (January 2003
ISBN: 0471445363

Formulation for Observed and Computed Values of Deep Space Network Data Types for Navigation
by Theodore D. Moyer
Wiley-Interscience; January 2003
ISBN: 0471445355

Radiometric Tracking Techniques for Deep-Space Navigation
by Catherine L. Thornton, James S. Border
Wiley-Interscience; January 2003
ISBN: 0471445347

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